October 28, 2015

Welcome back to Girl Scouts from the GSEM Girl Leadership Committee

Girl Leadership Committee members with State Street's Hannah Grove
Whether you’re a new or returning member, a Juliette or part of a troop, Girl Scouts of all ages have a lot to look forward to this year. Every Girl Scout has a unique experience, from Daisies to Ambassadors to our beloved adult volunteers and alumnae. Regardless of your age, or how long you’ve been in Girl Scouts, it has never been a more exciting time for our council!

Our Committee members can’t wait to induct new members this fall and sponsor our brand new program, All About the Animals, an animal advocacy event in April at Camp Cedar Hill (and have you seen the renovated Great Hall yet? It looks amazing!). Keep an eye out for this and other incredible programs in your Ultimate Guide! For the first time ever, GSEM will be hosting the Lead Your Way: Leadership Conference for Cadettes through Ambassadors. This program was specially requested by our committee and will feature workshops to help girls build on their leadership skills. Graduating Ambassadors will also have the unique opportunity to celebrate and commemorate their time in Girl Scouting on Martha’s Vineyard at the Graduating Ambassador Island Getaway Celebration. 

As always, girls of all ages can anticipate our annual Girl Scout Cookie Program! Not only are cookies a tasty way to earn money for your troop, but they are also a phenomenal way for girls to learn valuable business and customer service skills. Thanks to a $1 increase in prices, troops will now receive greater profits from cookie sales—meaning more money to help make your Girl Scouting dreams happen. Additionally, super-sellers can shoot for the prestigious 500 Club by selling 500 packages or more. Last year, top cookie sellers appeared at the annual Cookie Rally and were even able to attend a special Celtics basketball game! Who knows what surprises might be in store for you next year?

For those of you who voted, the results are in! Girl Scouts recently unveiled its new series of Outdoor badges. Brownies can now explore the wilderness to earn their Outdoor Adventurer badge (featuring an adorable squirrel). Juniors who saddle up will earn their Horseback Riding badge. Cadettes can channel Katniss by earning their Archery badge. Seniors can set out on the lake to earn their Paddling badge. And, last but not least, Ambassadors who are up for the task can tackle their Ultimate Recreation Challenge badge. These badges were chosen specifically by girls, for girls—so be sure to take advantage of them!

The GSEM Girl Leadership Committee is positively ecstatic to kick off another amazing year in Girl Scouting! We hope you will join us in this yearlong journey. And keep an eye out for future blog posts by committee members.

Girl Leadership Committee

The Girl Leadership Committee is a unique girl-led committee that is open to girls in grades 5-12.

October 16, 2015

#FaBFriday Spotlight: Site Partner Maria Rosado

An important part of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts’ commitment to diversity, FaB Factor allows girls in traditionally underserved communities to experience the benefits of Girl Scouting. We couldn’t deliver this “FaBulous” program without the help of dedicated site partners like Pelham Apartments Resident Services Manager Maria Rosado.

Maria became a Girl Scout as an adult, working as a field executive for the former Montachusett Girl Scout Council. Some of her favorite memories include time spent outdoors training new leaders and directing summer camp. Maria credits her experience as a Girl Scout professional for teaching her “to be disciplined and to be open to trying new things.”

Maria will always hold Girl Scouting close to her heart. She looks forward to seeing the girls at her Framingham site strengthen their relationships with one another. “It gives me joy to see them carrying on so many wonderful Girl Scout traditions that I enjoyed in my early adult years.” Thank you, Maria, for helping us bring Girl Scouting to your community!

October 13, 2015

Singing and Dancing for the Bronze!

Guest Blogger Amy-Jayne McCabe

By completing the aMUSE journey, Medford Cadette Troop 71198 members discovered they had many talents. Then through their Bronze Award project, they found a way to share those talents with each other and their community. Their project addressed the need for companionship among older community residents, so they planned, produced and directed a musical variety show geared toward the elderly. Complete with musical numbers from their elders' generation, the show featured the girls dancing and singing old Broadway numbers, Chubby Checker hits and patriotic tunes. The girls worked hard and the
project went very well. 

It became so much more than just a service project and the girls learned it also was an exercise in team building, communication, collaboration, compromise, courage, encouragement, brainstorming, achieving a goal, connecting with their peers, teaching others a skill, and sharing your talents -- all qualities of a great leader. The point of this project was for them to learn to use these fundamental skills to make a lasting impact on their community, and to know how to use these skills again in the future.

The morning after their show, we received an email from the director of the Visiting Nurse Association, who said she got an overwhelming response from the residents on how great the girls' performance was. 

A goal of the Bronze Award project was to meet new people and recognize the kind of fun that happens when you work with other Girl Scouts to make a difference. The girls plan to  visit the residents again. They are spreading the word about their show to their Parish community and want to encourage others to remember and visit the elderly in their community.

Amy-Jayne McCabe is from Medford and was Troop 71198's co-leader during their Bronze Award project.

October 12, 2015

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Marcela Aldaz-Matos

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we are featuring several Latina members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Our fourth story is about Marcela Aldaz-Matos, member of GSEM's Board of Directors.

Marcela Aldaz-Matos grew up in Colombia and has always been involved with Girl Scouts. When she was young, Colombia did not allow girls into their international scouting association. Her mother successfully petitioned and worked to change this rule and Marcela became the first Girl Scout member in her country! She fondly remembers her investiture ceremony and how many people witnessed the historic moment. Marcela remained a Girl Scout for her entire childhood and speaks highly of her time in Girl Scouting; the experiences she had provided her with skills like leadership and goal setting that she still uses today.
When Marcela moved to the United States, her first job was working at the Patriot’s Trail Girl Scout Council, which later became part of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. She is proud to continue her work with Girl Scouts and was passionate about recruiting and collaborating with Latina girls and volunteers.

Marcela enjoys serving on the GSEM Board of Directors because she is able to give back to the organization in a meaningful and sustainable way. She enjoys seeing all the amazing projects girls and troops complete. Marcela loves the outdoors and is looking forward to visiting more camps and outdoor programs this year. We are so happy to have Marcela’s guidance and leadership on our board – thank you!

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Girl Scouts at Oliver Partnership School

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we have been featuring Latina members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Our final story is about Girl Scouts at the Oliver Partnership School.

Girl Scouts at the Oliver Partnership School in Lawrence are having a great time learning new skills and making friends. These fourth and fifth graders enjoy selling cookies and spending time with their sister Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts has instilled in them the importance of giving back to their community, which they recently did by painting garden boxes to beautify the school.

These girls proudly celebrate their Hispanic heritage by reciting the Girl Scout Promise and Law in Spanish before the start of each meeting.


¡Bien hecho, chicas!

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Here at Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts we are committed to supporting the activities that help to create bridges between cultures. We hope you enjoyed our Hispanic Heritage Month spotlights! Please continue to share your stories throughout the year by email us at getsocial@girlscoutsofeasternmass.org.

October 1, 2015

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Nieve San Pablo

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we will be featuring different Latina members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Our third story is about Nieve San Pablo, GSEM Community Based Program Facilitator.

Nieve San Pablo’s daughters have been active Girl Scouts for several years, and it was through their experiences that Nieve learned about Girl Scouting. She loves to hear about the programs her girls participate in through Girl Scouting; from field trips to games to crafts. Her daughters always have a great time with their troops. 

Almost a year ago, Nieve herself got involved with GSEM as a Community Based Program Facilitator in the New Bedford area. She works with FaB Factor Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts, and enjoys spending time with the girls, and helping them to become more confident. Nieve’s favorite project occurred over the summer: some of her FaB Factor girls were selected to give a presentation to Congressman Bill Keating about which woman they believe should be featured on the new ten dollar bill.

Nieve enjoys serving as a role model for the girls in her troops, and using the activities and lessons learned through Girl Scouts to encourage girls to reach for their dreams. Nieve says, “It is important for our Hispanic community to have leaders that could represent all of us in the community, and I believe the participation of our girls in Girl Scouts could be the first step to achieve this goal.” Thank you Nieve for inspiring our girls to make the world a better place! 

September 28, 2015

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Dawn Morris

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we will be featuring different Latina members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Our second story is about Dawn Morris, GSEM Board Member.

Dawn Morris has had a lifelong connection to Girl Scouts. Dawn was born in Panama and her great grandfather was one of the original engineers on the Panama Canal. She can trace her lineage back to past Panamanian Presidents.

While living in Panama, Dawn was a brownie whose favorite Girl Scout memory was creating a plate during a Girl Scout meeting as a Mother’s Day gift for her mom. Dawn still has this plate and proudly displayed it last Mother’s Day.

Growing up in a military family, Dawn moved several times when she was a young girl and the one constant she had was Girl Scouts. She enjoyed that she had friends in her sister Girl Scouts, no matter where she had landed. She passed this passion for Girl Scouts down to her daughters, who, like her, have moved a lot during their childhood and we were able to depend on the constant friendship and fun Girl Scouts provided.

Dawn enjoys being an active member of the Girl Scout family by serving on the GSEM Board of Directors. This role allows her to participate as part of the council leadership team, ensuring it can function well and reach more girls. Dawn is especially proud of the great STEM programs at GSEM that allow girls to explore new areas of interest. We thank Dawn for her continued dedication to Girl Scouts!
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